Custom Quantum Cascade Lasers and QCL Systems

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    Spectroscopy: Gases – single mode DFB or external-cavity tunable lasers covering the vibrational mode fingerprint region; liquids and solids – compact Fabry-Perot emitters
    from 3.5 to 14 µm.
    Imaging: Medical and materials testing, exploiting materials-specific absorption in the mid infrared.
    Long-range transmission: Excellent beam quality allows long-range delivery of mid-IR power for free-space optical communication, infrared emissivity measurements, and
    IR countermeasures.
    Short-range transmission: THz gas-laser pumping, transparent materials processing, and remote sample heating. QCLs may be the right optical source for these and other
    applications in research, chemical processing, environment monitoring, photonics, medicine, security and defense, and astronomy.

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