Custom Quantum Cascade Lasers and QCL Systems

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    Pulsed turn-key QCL modules. Lens- or fiber-coupled QCL modules including laser and driving current-pulse electronics. With external signal
    modulation, trigger output, current monitor output. Available central wavelengths from 3.5 µm to 14 µm.

    Fabry-Perot QCLs with average output power up to 0.5 W or single-mode DFB QCLs with average power up to 50 mW.

    Custom high-brightness cw QCL systems and chips. Available central wavelengths from 3.8 µm to 7 µm.

    Fabry-Perot QCLs with continuous-wave output power up to 1 W.


    Custom epitaxy of arsenide- and phosphide-based heterostructures, custom semiconductor device development and fabrication,
    semiconductor technology consulting.

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